The profession of the Future Joys Routes and Tips

The profession of the Future Joys Routes and Tips

Before thinking of a few days off, the editorial staff of En-Contact wondered what to recommend as summer reading. Perhaps the short but instructive one from the report we made in April of this year at the Sitel contact center in the eastern suburbs. The one who took over from the mythical, but less pretty, center of Bagnolet. What we saw and heard: Noura Lengani, like so many other art or architecture graduates, devotes more than an hour to her work each morning. The young woman, originally from Burkina Faso, has more than 10 years of experience in this profession, which she has never left. Its boss, Hugues Faroux, also a graduate of a master’s degree (in management) fell into the contact center pot eighteen years ago. On the spot, here and there, there are cuts.

What We Saw and Heard

Linked to won matches. In Romainville, like the bridge packed by Christo a long time ago, there is also a security lock which legend says was expensive. What is said is often written: Contact centers are suffering from enormous staff turnover. They all went to Africa. Employees are treated poorly. And they take us…..t all day with their telephone Bahrain phone numbers list prospecting. Customer and patient data flow freely there. And young people, my good lady, they no longer want to work… But urban legends sometimes do not resist a visit to the field. Nb: Thank you to the Sitel teams who opened their doors to us; imposed no tour route, no choice of photo.

Phone Number List

Managing Crisis or Information Numbers for the General Public

No more than legend of these. At Becaille Pierru, a young TV advisor met on the spot and came to earn a living during a fixed-term contract which seems to have enriched him. We wish him success in his exam to become a programmer and developer :). The next report will take us to Marseille, to a company specializing in telemarketing. Effective and “blocked” Unsustainable suspense. Joys, routes and tips of the Band* of Romainville Chapter 1: Why does ATB Directory Edouard believe in the future of his profession? In-Contact: Tell us Edouard, does the Covid sign the end of the profession where you work? Especially since in addition, telemarketing is becoming more and more controlled and legislated? Edouard Layeillon: the impossibility of a face-to-face relationship has made remote services more vital than ever.


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