Digital Sales Enablement

Digital Sales Enablement

The increasingly ‘digital’ behavior of the consumer, whether business or individual, has forced companies to adopt new models and sales methodologies. The way traditional sales forces work in B2B businesses is inadequate and needs to be transformed in their approach to the market. To face this challenge, it is necessary to develop the digital capacity of companies and their sales forces. This digital transformation is based on three dimensions, new sales methodologies , Digital automation tools that provide knowledge about customer behaviors and needs, and integration of sales and marketing with digital ways of working.

The Point of View of Methodology

Pull-Push’ Digital Strategy The ‘Pull-Push’ Digital Strategy integrates the three dimensions described above, in order to provide. B2B companies with a true digital approach to the market, allowing greater effectiveness and efficiency of. The sales Canada Telegram Number Data force with a significant increase in customer satisfaction and experience. The-digital-capacitation-of-sales-pull-push-strategy from the point of view. Of methodology, the strategy is based on inbound sales/marketing (pull) techniques to. Attract traffic and maximize the conversion of ‘leads’ into customers. In a non-intrusive but effective way. Since sales only focus on interaction with highly qualified prospects. On the one hand, this technique is complemented with account based sales/marketing to proactively develop. In a focused way, the interaction with high potential customers, using digital sales support channels.

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Pull-Push Digital Strategy

The strategy is by CRM, Marketing Automation and sales tools that allow the sales force not only to obtain a 360 view of its customers but also to acquire knowledge about the behavior and needs of customers, thus contributing to allow the sales ATB Directory force to Sales achieve a closer and more trusting relationship with their customers. suggestion-blog-made2webFinally, Pull-Push is based on the integration of marketing and sales teams in a ‘task-force’ model to maximize the digital interaction between the company and its customers using techniques and behavioral routines based on ‘Insight Selling’, ‘Social Selling’ and ‘Video Selling’.


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