Siesta at Work for or Against

Siesta at Work for or Against

Benefits of a nap The nap is said to increase alertness, improve mental abilities and mood and provide better sleep at night. Nothing beats a nap to boost our productivity at work, as well as our health. In some countries like Japan and China, napping at work is a right that is part of their Constitution. Other companies like British Airways-Continental, Google or Nike also give their employees a nap. The case of France In France, the nap at work is still a taboo practice. French institutions still believe that its practice within companies constitutes a great waste, in particular of time and money. However, several studies have been able to demonstrate that a nap allows an employee to be fresher, more dynamic and more productive for several hours.

The Length of a Good Nap

However, according to the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education concerning the French and their sleep, nearly 45% of those consulted believe they sleep less than they would like. Nearly 62% of French people have at least one sleep disorder. However, poor sleep has many consequences on daily life. Why is the nap essential? The siesta at work is of certain importance since it allows the worker to be more productive and also brings him Engineering Directors Email Lists a certain well-being. A good nap at work is beneficial for both the worker and the company. This, since it improves memory, it increases creativity, fuels concentration, reduces fatigue and stress and improves the dynamism of the worker. All these benefits of siesta are only beneficial for the company. The worker is able to stay focused, so he could contribute to the improvement of the productivity of the company.

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For the Well-Being No Shame to Have

However, to avoid disrupting your sleep cycle and to stay in shape. Limit your nap to a few minutes. The length of a good nap The 20-minute nap is ideal for recharging your batteries. It allows the brain to regenerate, recharge the batteries. Recover from lack of sleep and release tension. For a nap to be perfect, make yourself comfortable, be comfortable, relax or take off your shoes and make sure that no one will disturb this moment of rest. If possible, pick up ATB Directory the phone, dim the lights, or put on a sleep mask. For the well-being, no shame to have A survey conducted by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance among French employees shows that nearly 19% say they doze off at the office, and do so in secret. There are many ways to do this, during the lunch break, while reading a file or behind the computer, all means are good to give yourself a few minutes of rest while avoiding being caught by your superior.


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