Someone else is involved Simply ask the customer

Someone else is involved Simply ask the customer

By the customer for the project to be worked on. This often brings clarity. Clarify FAQ for editorial plan Ask the right questions about your content planning and it can meet your needs. Plan “Rank Content”: Ask the right questions To ensure an uncomplicated, clear and practical content plan, you can ask yourself the following three questions right from the start when planning your content: Can content be reused? And if so, how? Which topics are popular? How can this be (further) used? Which texts can be supplemented with useful, new/additional texts on related/important keywords? The meaning behind it.

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Based around the already defined topics and formats and, in the best case, should also rank. This is ideal for new topics and to strengthen the site for a specific subject area. Don’t miss any more posts: THE newsletter in Taiwan Phone Number Data online marketing Do you like this blog post? If you want to regularly keep up with the latest trends in online marketing, then subscribe to our newsletter now. Over 18,000 subscribers trust us. Click here for the registration form. Reduced topic plan for external parties A nice way to save yourself the burden of an external editorial plan is to send your customers a topic plan that is not too extensive. The reduced topic plan then only contains the topics and the deadlines for the format and comments on the respective topics – done.

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Editorial plan, for example, and so does the customer. This is simple, uncomplicated and practical. Editorial plan ready? Watch out, there was something else there. Since there is usually not just one Switzerland Phone Number List department working on a project, you should find out about other marketing measures with your customers/clients. It makes sense to know the entire project; this is the only way you can take further media planning or possible offline campaigns into account and refer to them. The Guardians of the Plan Just quickly update the editorial plan – that can work well, but it doesn’t have to. Unfortunately, the more people work together on a document, the greater the sources of inspiration as well as the sources of errors. From my experience, it makes sense that those who are supposed to maintain the plan have a certain basic understanding of various areas.


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