Women Entrepreneurs Stop Misconceptions

Women Entrepreneurs Stop Misconceptions

A choice of life, more than a problem of integration! Yes, women are less numerous than men in the world of entrepreneurship. Yes, it is men who are at the head of the CAC 40 companies… but is that a reason to start immediately on debates concerning their capacity to undertake? Many professions are more feminine than others and no one comes to question the skills of our male friends. If entrepreneurship is a more masculine than feminine world, it is above all for reasons of life choices more than anything else! And yes, whether we like it or not, it is in the nature of women to bet on security and in that of men to bet on adventure.

Prioritize Skills Rather Than Parity

We can say it: being an entrepreneur rhymes more with adventure than with security! Being an entrepreneur: Is it really more difficult? I proclaim loud and clear that: NO! At the risk of shocking, I would even say that it’s borderline easier for a woman to get started than for a man! A simple observation: many aids and networks exist today to help young companies get started: Oséo, Réseau Entreprendre, Initiative France… not to mention Finance Directors Email Lists regional aid, Startup competitions… All its aid is unisex and therefore also benefits both men and women. Now, we come to add to all that, the same thing but this time only for women. Networks for women , competitions for women , aid for women, media for women… Something which, to my knowledge, does not exist for men at all… For people who want parity, I find it’s a bit contradictory… However, as a female entrepreneur, I’m not complaining about it.

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Being an Entrepreneur Is It Really More Difficult

I simply note that I had much less difficulty getting started than several entrepreneurial friends without an “e”. Prioritize skills rather than parity! I find that there is nothing more sexist and demeaning than these stories of parity. We do not choose a person for their sex, but for their skills! “I present to you Paul our developer, Marc our salesperson and Maude our female quota…” . As a business manager, I would doubt the abilities and knowledge of a person ATB Directory who puts forward her status as a woman, more than her skills in a field… I will therefore conclude that it is not because women are less present among entrepreneurs that they are not welcome or that they lack knowledge. The world of entrepreneurship welcomes them with open arms and gives them every opportunity to succeed. The real question is above all: do they really want to enter this world.


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