The Essential Qualities of a Successful Manager

The Essential Qualities of a Successful Manager

Listening The role of a manager is not to give directives and constantly communicate without listening in return. Your employees also have things to say and they must be taken into account if you want to ensure good team cohesion or even benefit from their full capacity. Sometimes, you may set the missions directly without listening to your collaborators, who consider them too ambitious or who express fears in the face of them and, inevitably, mistakes happen! The action plan, even if you establish it beforehand, must be accompanied by the opinion as well as any criticisms from your employees so that it remains realistic. ” Listen ! You have to constantly inject energy into the teams. We are constantly fighting to sell our business outside, forgetting that we also have to sell it permanently internally,” advises Anne-Laure Vincent, co-founder of Alternative Digitale.

The Ability to Anticipate

On the other hand, remaining attentive allows you to show your qualities of benevolence to your employees, who will more easily confide in you about their difficulties. In this way, you will be able to provide them with all the help they need. The ability to anticipate A good manager remains forward-looking. He does not set the objectives progressively but from the launch of the project to allow everyone to prepare for it. For this, he defines a Payroll Directors Email Lists time limit to be respected and adapts it according to the skills of each one. The more potential difficulties are anticipated, the more likely you are that your project will go well and not be taken aback! Importantly, some tasks need to be done in a certain order if you don’t want to be stuck waiting. Anticipating also reduces future stress and therefore increases productivity.

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The Meaning of Coaching

Empathy You must strive to have empathy with your employees to better understand them. By putting yourself in their shoes, you will better understand their possible difficulties and see how to adapt your management. Remember also that your employees, as competent as they are, all remain different according to their age, their background. Their way of working: your way of coaching them must adapt to each one to be effective. It’s obvious that ATB Directory you won’t manage a new recruit. The same way as someone who has worked with you for several years. The firmness A manager’s flexibility and understanding go hand in hand with his firmness. It is not a question of rigidity or authority. Without the right to challenge, but of the ability to know how to say. When you feel that one of your employees is going straight into the wall.


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