But as we saw in the history of web

But as we saw in the history of web

We often say that everything is faster on the Internet , a very curious phenomenon that has nothing to do with bandwidth. Changes , news and changing trends occur on the network in a matter of weeks or months. An example is Google, a search engine with 20 years behind it (although its popularity was late in coming), and which for many generations has always been there along with Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Maps, Drive or its translator.  browsers , when a company becomes a benchmark, it has previously dethroned a competitor who falls into oblivion or loses relevance.

And this is where Yahoo

comes in, a giant that has seen better days , and that is still standing despite the recent turbulent years. Let’s see how Yahoo! started, what it meant for the Internet, what other products it launched in parallel and where it is now. tidying up the web In the analog era, to look for a phone number we  Indonesia Phone Number List went to the phone books or white pages . Its equivalent on the Web is the directory and the search engine, and although there are now dozens of them, in the early 90s everything was starting on the Internet.

Officially, the first Internet

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browser was called Archie (1990), but it was limited to searching public FTP servers. Then came Gopher (1991), W3Catalog (1993), Aliweb (1993), JumpStation (1993)… And ATB Directory in April 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo launched Yahoo!, one of the first directories that collected pages and websites, organized them into categories and thus allowed us to know on which page we could find this or that. Interestingly, that same year the Lycos search engine was born.


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