Take care so that fake news does not harm your marketing strategies

Take care so that fake news does not harm your marketing strategies

Everyone knows the damage that gossip can do, right? Whether intended to harm or not, rumors have always been considered unreliable sources of information, after all, they lead to a “wireless phone” chain that does not generate any benefit for people. So-called fake. News is nothing more than a more organized version of this practice and the damage. Can be enormous for your target audience and your company. From the political sphere to health, fake news has increasingly proliferated. In order not. To spread this type of wrong information and not adopt measures taken based on data that has not yet been checked, your company must take maximum care, after all, the damage to your reputation can be irreparable, depending on the type of information. And the repercussion of this. More than ever, the responsibility when it comes to disseminating information is even greater, not only.

The impact of social networks

Because of the negative side effects that your company may have, but because fake news affects people’s lives in a way that is difficult to reverse. Therefore, it is essential that your team knows the main precautions to ensure that fake news does not harm your marketing strategies. A Reuters Institute report on digital news pointed out that our country leads the ranking in the use of social networks as a means of consuming. Information. Furthermore, according to a study developed by a global cybersecurity  Japan Phone Number Data company called Kaspersky , 62% of Brazilians do not know how to identify fake news. Kaspesky’s research was carried out in. Latin America and included people from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia. Chile, Mexico and Peru. The focus was to. Discover the level of vulnerability of internet users in relation to fake news.

What precautions should you take?

The study proved what many already suspected: social networks are the main means by which users receive and share fake news. This includes platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Only 17% of those surveyed use traditional media sites to get information, which explains much of what has been happening in Brazil and around the world. Another important fact is the fact that only 42% of Brazilians question what they read on the internet. If these people trust a certain company, for example, they ATB Directory are unlikely to doubt what  is being disclosed and will not check whether the information. Is correct. It’s not new that fake news is being spread around the world. Fraudulent information has existed since the beginning of communication, but. Newspapers and other outlets have always had. Journalistic protocols that prevented dissemination. Due to people’s new habits and the weight .


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