Thanks to the use of specific software

B2b companies are using their data in the best possible way: 57% use business intelligce tools while 22% make use of web analytics tools and finally. 31% try to obtain as much information as possible from their data to make better decisions. Accurate for sale.

Offer up-to-date information on products and deliveries

To sure a complete and satisfying customer experice. It is esstial to provide as much reliable and up-to-date online information as possible. Thanks to the use of specific software it is possible to

The corporate resource planning system

corporate resource planning system and third-party logistics.The other field in which it is esstial to guarantee more information is that relating to shipmts and order processing. Bigcommerce surveys found that 22% of b2b customers use shipping and fulfillmt software. new dataIn a digitalized world where online purchases can be considered an everyday activity. Users are accustomed to receiving detailed quality Thanks to the use of specific software Find out how we can bring your business online and improve your sales performance. Contact us now and we will prest you with all the details of our integrated e-commerce solution tailor-made for you.

new data

Customers expect to see such details

not only to create an online shopping experice similar to the b2c one. But is also important for companies and for forecasts and revues. As they give information on wh to replish items or sd them to customers.

Tering social commerce Thanks to the use of specific software

The phomon of social commerce is a real revolution for business and sales. Historically dominated by b2c companies. Today it ops the doors to the b2b world. ATB Directory

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