Social Media Guide How to Create and Share the Best Content

Social Media Guide How to Create and Share the Best Content

Before defining the type of content for Social Networks that you should share, it is important to know exactly who you are addressing, with whom you are communicating, as we saw in the previous article. At this point, knowing your Buyer Personas and the goals to be achieved is an essential requirement. Only then will you know who your audience is and what drives them, and this will make communication more efficient. What types of Social Media Content are there? There is a wide variety of content you can publish, depending on your goals and audience. Some possible examples are: blog articles micro-videos Products or Services – information, launches, promotions, among others.

How to Monetize Your Content for Social Networks

Expert or company quotes Commemorative dates Curiosities and Statistics News about your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise Case Studies Common Q&A from customers Results achieved cta-download-guide-social-networks Here, the objective is to have a variety of types of content on your social media pages so as not to saturate users. Giving you unique and Malaysia Phone Number Data varied content is essential for an active and interactive page. Social-media-guide-how-to-create-and-share-the-best-content follow the 80/20 rule. In your content strategy when creating and sharing. Content, the 80/20 rule, the pareto principle, should be applied regarding the distribution. Of your time in this process. Like this: 20% of the time should be invested in creating. The content; 80% of the time must be invested in sharing it, in the way it is transmitted.

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The Importance of Adapting Content to Each Social Network

This means that, after developing macro content, it is necessary to branch that base content into micro content so that it can be delivered to the audience in different ways. This will bring you two advantages: Monetize the content by sharing it in different formats; Deepen sub-topics within the main theme and thus generate more discussion and interaction. How to monetize your content for Social Networks? The goal here is to create rich content that adds value to your audience and then disseminate it in smaller portions and through different formats, thus ATB Directory applying the 80/20 rule. Remember: you should not deliver the entire content all at once, but value and monetize it.


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