A Rush at the Ena Entrance

A Rush at the Ena Entrance

We recognize leaders by their actions, writings, powerful, sometimes unusual, speeches. Discovering and spending time at ENA change the visitor and require two clarifications and two statements. ENA is located in a capital that has marked history. It is a sort of campus where we see to conversation and refreshing iced coffees. Yannis Tourcomanis is at the same time the creator and the head of this unique university. An other executive from the company, French, visits regularly the campus: Éric Dupuy. Yannis has to open new areas for restaurant and hire plenty of “disciples” because of the international success. Sometimes, Eric has to have willing visitors wait or suggest them other campus when it seems more suitable to their expectations or their budget.

An International Playground

An international campus for multilingual operations : selective admission based on application file An other way to say it, like Plato and Socrates: Teleperformance has not become number 1 by accident. Forty years after its creation, the company might still be at the top to be able to create and give life to what we saw and heard in Athens: a true Agora in the call center kingdom. In the ancient Greek city, the Agora was the place where the citizens would Indonesia WhatsApp Number List gather, it became the center of political, economical and spiritual life of the city, around which the public buildings were lined up. The ENA surface area of 18 000 square meters is not allusion to Socrates or the Gorgias. It is mainly a will to gather, in one place, everything necessary to fulfill the customers of the biggest international companies.

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We Found the First Page of a Socratic Writing

The sales and Marketing manager of Emea at Teleperformance, knows precisely the kind of person this campus is addressed to. What justified every details during its construction: “The biggest international champions of the new economy. Automobile, video game, are experts in measures concerning customer service, they want to suggest unique. Smooth customer experiences in the world; only those that they slowly perfected and built. In Athens, ENA was to enable the treatment of multilingual.  Operations with ATB Directory a level of details perfectly handled. In addition to their native language, they speak perfect English. We make sure to put them in the best conditions so they are happy and don’t have any worries concerning their expatriation.


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