The final step in market research

The final step in market research

Focuses on uncovering certain unconscious motivational structures and contexts. But the gathering of opinions and attitudes also plays an important role.  is perfect for things like product or brand testing. As a partner for group discussions or in-depth interviews. the German Marketing Academy will be happy to assist you with its many years of experience. Data Analysis in Market Research Various methods of data collection in market research provide a wealth of personal information. As part of data analysis. we collate.

So this method of market research

Centralize and evaluate data in order to be Armenia Mobile Database able to support marketing decisions in a meaningful way on this basis. software for data evaluation in our market research practice. Within the framework of the univariate approach. only a single variable. such as income. is consider in the assessment. Descriptive univariate methods include frequency distributions. etc. In contrast to univariate methods. bivariate methods include two variables in the analysis with the goal of identifying links or differences between the two variables. Multivariate methods. which analyze at least two variables simultaneously. are now standard market research tools.

In addition we mainly use statistical

Documentation and Demos is the ATB Directory documentation of the results. You will receive the results of your market research project in the form of a written document and an oral presentation by a marketing expert. On request. we can also create further evaluations. management briefings or press releases for your marketing. In addition. you will receive a personal proposal for your company from our marketing experts bas on the results. The written presentation of the results of a market research project at the German Marketing Academy covers the following aspects. research question and objectives. summary of the most important results (administrative summary). methodology (research design. structur questionnaires. sampling). presentation of results.


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