Leads Vs Prospects What Are They and What Are the Main Differences

Leads Vs Prospects What Are They and What Are the Main Differences

In marketing and sales timing is everything! It is the basis of a strategy that seeks to convert leads into prospects and then turn them into customers . We invested in a modern, easy-to-navigate website that offers a top-notch experience. Do we attract visitors? Excellent. This is the first step to attracting new customers. But now, what is the best way to communicate with these people to succeed? Communication should differ depending on whether it is a Qualified Lead (Marketing Qualified Lead) or a Prospect (Sales Qualified Lead). The difference between the two is their degree of involvement with the product and company. cta-download-Ebook What are Cold Leads and how can they generate “antibodies”? Nowadays, if we receive an email after having subscribed to a certain newsletter, our degree of acceptance towards that email will be positive, do you agree? We took an action, which in turn triggered another that we had already expected.

What is a Qualified Lead or Marketing Qualified Lead

Newsletter-made2web-marketing-qualified-lead-2 But… what if we receive an email from an entity we don’t know? What if that entity is promoting a service or a product that we don’t identify with at all? Personally, we may understand this email as an abuse or exploitation of our personal data. We might even ask: “How did this company have USA Phone Number Data access to my email?” We will certainly generate some kind of “antibodies” not only against this entity, but also against the channel it used. This is the problem with “cold lead generation”. Not everyone wants to receive promotional content and receive a commercial email or phone call, especially without prior consent . That’s why there is so much talk about the Buyer Journey or sales funnel and the importance of following and respecting this lead’s commercial maturation path.

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What Are Cold Leads and How Can They Generate Antibodies

In a few lines we exemplified the difference between getting a bad lead or cold lead and getting a potential good lead. We have also seen how harmful one can be to the detriment of the other. What is a Qualified Lead or Marketing Qualified Lead? A qualified lead (Marketing Qualified lead) is a person interested in the typology of our products or services. That person read an article on our blog, downloaded an ebook or guide that we published on the website, subscribed to our newsletter and became interested in what our company ATB Directory does or offers. blog-1 With the brief examples above, we can understand that a lead does not necessarily identify a purchase intention . Overall, 50% of leads considered qualified by Marketing are not yet ready to sign “the check” (Source: Hubspot). How to communicate with a qualified lead and turn her into a prospect? To reach the maturity of a prospect (Sales Qualified lead), the lead will have to be worked on.


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