But many companies find that their

But many companies find that their

They even created this awesome infographic (excerpted below) to give you a quick consultation guide. Socialize by Buffering As you can see, when it comes to blog posts, shorter content isn’t so great anymore. Instead, words (equivalent to reading about minutes) are generally considered to be the ideal length for a business blog post.  longer posts (maximum words) actually work best. If you’re a digital marketer who’s more used to writing one-word intros rather than multi-part epics, you might struggle with this length.

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audience interested? How do you manage multiple episodes in one article? How can you find enough words? This list of tips for writing engaging, long-form content should help. Draw an outline. Maybe you haven’t developed an outline for what you’ve written since high school. Maybe  Italy Phone Number List they look like a waste of time. However, if you’re feeling like you don’t know how to put a word on a nutrition bar, business software solution, or whatever topic you’re into, an outline might be your best friend. The reason for this is that long posts can become unwieldy if you’re not sure where they are going.

You’re more likely to lose

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momentum midway, or find yourself wandering aimlessly into random, tangentially related territory. An outline will help you write They are designed to convey valuable, useful, in-depth knowledge. Long posts aren’t just about word count. They are designed to convey valuable, in-depth ATB Directory knowledge. Click to Tweet Research hard. Longer posts are more widely read and shared because they provide more information. Statistics, infographics, reporting results These types of data are easier to fit into longer articles for several reasons. a tighter, more coherent essay because it forces you to think about the main points you want to cover. If you find that the word count is not enough to accomplish what you want, you will have the opportunity to brainstorm before actually starting to write. This is important because long posts aren’t just about word count.


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