Yahoo! It was a directory that was

Yahoo! It was a directory that was

Unlike current search engines, which use specialized programs to find and index any content and then sort the results generated by our searches using mathematical algorithms ,  made by hand, a job more typical of documentalists or librarians than of to bring order to the Web , a space in constant expansion, difficult to define and without an established order.

Although in subsequent years Yahoo

ended up with search technology, Yahoo! Search , its first raison d’être was a hand-managed web directory, later called the Yahoo! ( Yahoo! Directory ) and that for years has been more than forgotten. As a curiosity, Yahoo, which sounds like an onomapoteia, is the acronym for Yet Another Iran Phone Number List Hierarchically Organized Oracle , referring to its purpose of being a hierarchically organized source of knowledge. The Yahoo! Being one of the first and offering a great service means immediate success, and that’s what happened to Yahoo, which became the starting and reference page for many Internet users in the 90s.

From here, why limit yourself

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to being a web directory if you can offer much more. Yahoo! Mail , for example, launches in 1997 (free email), being the main rival to Hotmail, the most popular webmail service for almost two decades. In 1998 Yahoo! Messenger , the free desktop messaging app that wanted to overshadow ATB Directory the then popular AIM or ICQ that veterans will remember. Other products that have also had a great impact were Yahoo News (1996), Yahoo Sports (1997) and Yahoo Finance (1997), which respectively offered current, sports and economic information at a time when the media (press, radio and TV) barely had their own web pages or were very rudimentary.


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