The standard reports at Semrush are practical so

The standard reports at Semrush are practical so

I have in common with the competition which keywords all competitors share but I don’t for which keywords. I rank worse than all my competitors for which keywords I always rank better than all my competitors. Keywords that I don’t rank for, but at least one of my competitors does Keywords that only I rank for Semrush keyword gap Semrush offers a variety of predefined reports. These reports give you a broader and deeper look into your keyword gap, but are not as complex as the Excel method. There is also a tutorial from Semrush for this . What do you do after the keyword gap analysis? After exporting the data, it is important to evaluate it: Which keywords can and do you want to play with? This again depends on your offer.

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Sense to cover the “cats” section if we don’t offer cat barf at all. Which keywords can be particularly lucrative for you because, for New Zealand Phone Number Data example, the margin is particularly high? Also assess how big your chance is – for example, if your competitors with elaborately produced content are already ranking at 1, 2 and 3 and you only have limited resources, then it’s better to turn to another keyword. Your Google Ads / Microsoft Ads campaigns are running, you are actually quite satisfied – but would you like to know whether you are losing potential? You can find out in this blog post whether an SEA audit might be exactly right for you.

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Ads symbol in her hand An internal or external SEA audit makes sense often and regularly. Contents What is a SEA Audit? What is a good SEA audit? When should you do an SEA audit? When should Latvia Phone Number you not do an SEA audit? Who should do the SEA Audit? What belongs in an SEA audit? What is a SEA Audit? SEA Audit is not a protected term – and there are various synonyms such as Google Ads Audit, Google Ads Check, or AdWords Audit. The form and scope are not static, but vary depending on the initial situation, objectives and the agency or person carrying out the work. Audit tends to sound bigger, more comprehensive – the TÜV test of your “SEA car”, so to speak. The Google Ads campaign check is smaller, not quite as comprehensive – a relatively short check that checks more of the basics and is therefore less time-consuming.


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