The system also allows you to monitor payments on

The system also allows you to monitor payments on

After reading this post you will learn about the new version of our system. Which has been prepar according to the nes of the training industry. Under the guidance of people with many years of experience in this field. The training industry and its nes. We have extensive experience in cooperation with various types of training companies. We spoke with many representatives of such companies establish cooperation that allow us to thoroughly understand the nes of the training industry. The main ne is of course the ability to manage learning.

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The process consists of the following steps Organization of the ucational place. Hiring and management of trainers and speakers Organization of ucational materials Conducting a telephone and electronic campaign to attract training participants Keeping a list of those interest in the training and those who are determin to participate in the training Email List of Christian Churches Appointment of contact persons for contacts with interest or identifi persons Setting individual tuition prices for each participant and recording comments for each participant Formation of individual certificates of participation in the training for each participant Automatic invoicing and sending of invoices to responsible persons.

Job Function Email Database

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Firmao is a learning management system With prior knowlge of the nes of the training industry we were able to fully and efficiently adapt the system to its nes.  training companies in major cities in Poland. Our new system allows you to perform all the ATB Directory actions describ in the above section.confirmations of attendance send SMS messages to participants and contacts and to collect debts for unpaid bills. your bank account and automatically change account statuses. Integration with e mail allows you to keep in touch with your customers. job function email database.


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