Improve Email Open Rate With These Copywriting Tricks

Improve Email Open Rate With These Copywriting Tricks

Email marketing continues to be a fundamental strategy in digital marketing and the first step towards its success is to increase the email open rate. There are several factors that can influence the click and opening of the email and we must pay special attention to the sender and the subject, as they are the first things that the user sees. In this article, we’ve put together some copywriting tricks that will highlight these two points and improve your email open rate. General Email Copywriting Advice In general, copywriting serves to drive the reader to action, apply some best practices to your email marketing strategy and improve the open rate: Keep the text short: use clear and objective writing.

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Whenever you can say the same in fewer words; Adapt the language to the persona: write as if you were talking to the reader, “touch the wound” and address their pain points ; Personalize: deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time; Explore mental triggers: scarcity, urgency, exclusivity, among others, that activate the resources New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data the brain has to make decisions. Copywriting Techniques to Increase Email Open Rate copywriting-techniques-to-increase-the-open-rate-of-emails-made2web Email sender Credibility Your email must avoid spam filters, so use a secure IP, your own domain and eliminate excessive commercial language such as the use of capital letters and exclamation marks. Buying email lists is out of the question, if readers are unaware of the sender or suspicious of the content, the most likely thing is to delete the email or put it in the spam box.

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Copywriting Techniques to Increase Email Open Rate

Ensuring the credibility of your email is a very important factor to have direct passage to the “inbox”. Sender Customization Personalization is a tip to increase the opening rate of your email and should be applied to the sender. Instead of sending with your company name, can you send in your own name? Perfect! Users prefer to receive emails from people. personalization-sender-email-mkt-2-m2w Click on image for larger view On the other hand, you can also customize the reason for sending it together with your brand name: personalization-sender-email-mkt-m2w Click on image for larger view Email Subject The subject must be a trigger that is ATB Directory impossible to resist – that is, irresistible to click! Check out these tips that will turn your subjects into real calls-to-action and improve your opening rate.


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