If you want to take your store online think about

An electronic store will complement your business. Be your first customer Each of us is a customer not every entrepreneur. what you like about other e commerce stores. Take on the role of a customer. How would you like to be serv Good software is half the success Managing an online store is much easier with the help of the right software. The system should facilitate your work not complicate it causing stress and unnecessary nerves. Before choosing any of the systems test it and see if it fits the profile of your company.

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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages compare the prices capabilities and intuitiveness of the system. Below you will find a brief description of the integrations we offer Prestashop Prestashop is an all in one solution that makes it easy to create Namibia Mobile Database an online store and then spread your wings online. Integration of Firmao and Prestashop Every minutes there is a synchronization with the store on Prestashop. One way integration from Prestashop to Firmao . As part of this integration products contractors and orders are creat and updat. Products that have been chang creat since the last sync are load. If the product does not exist in the Firmao system it is creat as a new one.

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Firmao and Shoper integration Synchronization

If a product was previously creat but chang it is updat.  as contractors and orders. Shopper Shoper ATB Directory software includes the tools and integrations you ne to become an online sales professional modern payments two way integration with Allegro courier services and magazines Facebook store and more. occurs every minutes. Shoper products contractors and orders are link to products in Firmao using a unique identifier that is stor during synchronization.

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