Tips for Writing Successful LinkedIn Articles

At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn finally opened its  However, even though this possibility. Has presented itself, many. aAe having trouble getting this feature to work in their favor. The truth is that LinkedIn. Is a great platform for. Publishing articles, but. Not just any old article you have sitting in the back of. Your hard drive. The entire publishing process, from planning. The content to sharing the link, needs to. Follow a strategy that is consistent with your. Objectives. Follow these 7 tips for writing successful LinkedIn articles, and watch the content work for you: 1. Choose topics that users want to Read Writing about what you know is definitely the best way to go, but don’t. Forget that what you “know” doesn’t always .Fit perfectly with LinkedIn.

Choose topics that users want to read

Demographics. For example, if your business is a blog about sports Or gossip, be aware that. This network will not be the best bet. The same can be said for anyone who wants to copy and paste a post they’ve already made. This is because the language may not be in the ideal tone for your readers, who will be professionals looking for knowledge and opportunities. 2. Publish once a week While there’s no evidence yet that posting frequency impacts your chances of being featured in your contacts’ updates, most influencers follow a consistent weekly posting schedule. Posting much South Africa Phone Number Data more than that, or much less, can hurt your chances of success. HIGHLIGHT . Tips for Writing Successful. Articles on. LinkedIn 3. Limit yourself to 800 words As it is a social. Platform, long articles will be easily. Discarded by readers, who are looking for. Quick and informative content..

Don't underestimate internal links

Assuming that, if they need complex and more complete information, LinkedIn would not be the first place to look. 4. Don’t underestimate internal links A common mistake is not sharing the link to your published content within LinkedIn itself. Share with your contacts, and in groups, when convenient to help solve problems. 5. Always respond to comments Responding to comments made on your or others’ articles and engaging in a discussion about topics in your domain will expand your network and increase your influence. 6. Check your stats LinkedIn gives you great analytics tools to show you the success  of your articles. This gives ATB Directory you a great opportunity to pay attention to which types of articles are receiving the most views, comments, and social responses. It could be a certain topic or subject that people are reading, or it could even be the way of writing that makes .

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