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Maybe it looks super funky in a popular email client. Perhaps you didn’t consider how your email looks in dark mode. Or maybe you forgot to include alt text on images, and the email isn’t accessible for anyone with image downloading turned off. It seems like a million things could go wrong. The sinking feeling sets in that whatever the mistake was, it could very well impact your brand’s reputation, ROI, or even your future deliverability rate. Ouch. No matter how many times you’ve sent an email campaign or how much of an expert developer you are, an email marketing checklist helps improve your chances of success.

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In the medical world, researcher Atul Gawande found that doctors who use checklists to remind themselves of even simple tasks, such as washing hands, have been known to reduce deaths by as much as 47%. Email business database marketing isn’t a life-or-death situation. But if it works for high-adrenaline occupations like emergency response teams, astronauts, and racecar drivers… It’s worth giving it a shot. Here’s how to incorporate one into your email marketing workflow: how to build a comprehensive email marketing checklist. 

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The first step toward creating an email marketing checklist is to think about your existing workflow. Whats working? What could be improved? A good checklist helps you move through the entire email marketing lifecycle so you don’t miss a single item. We’ve put together one you can start using now. Grab a PDF below ATB Directory and use it to check off your tasks (print or digital). Email marketing checklist thumbnail: download your email marketing checklist. Let’s walk through each stage in an email’s journey to your subscribers: 1. Email marketing strategy: good email marketing starts with a plan. Every email campaign should have a purpose.

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