Content Marketing in 2020 News Trends and Statistics

Content Marketing in 2020 News Trends and Statistics

Bill Gates told us many years ago that Content is King , probably without even foreseeing that society would be the victim of a pandemic, which would further highlight the long reign of content. The year 2020 has valued Content Marketing like never before. Rute Almeida, director of Made2Web and specialist in Content Marketing, addresses the topic of Content Marketing in 2020 Changing algorithms on major social platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have highlighted the importance of visual content; video continues to grow, as an undeniable tool for achieving sales, especially in the context of social distancing ; and virtual reality (VR) began to demand its space. Find out what types of content have been most used and the new trends! trends-2020-01 Visual Content Statistics The human brain works in a very peculiar way.

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When we hear information, we are only able to recall 10% of it three days later. However, did you know that if a relevant image is associated with that information, the percentage rises to 65% ? Maybe that’s why 70% of companies are investing in Content Marketing, including visual content strategies (HubSpot, 2020), mainly through video, with a view to promoting products. But the statistics do not stop there. 80% of marketers say they use visual material Brazil Phone Number Data in their Social Media Marketing strategy, with most of their time being spent creating content for Facebook and the business website, in that order.

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People who follow directions with text and image have a 323% higher probability of. Success in understanding than those who only have access to information. Without illustration. As the image above shows, infographics are clear, easy to read and. An excellent strategy for gathering information in a dynamic and memorable way. This format is already the 4th most used type of content (after social media posts, case studies, videos and ebooks/whitepapers) and a. Strategy to adopt. Videos video has given unavoidable proof of its strength as a communication format. Useful and capable of generating results at all stages of a sales cycle, video ATB Directory attracts, engages and keeps the customer hooked on the screen. By 2021, 82% of global internet traffic will be video, according to Cisco.


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