What is the Unique Value Proposition

What is the Unique Value Proposition

In Digital Marketing, the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) represents something so precious that it can be seen as the “diamond” of your web pages. Whether on a Homepage, Landing Page or Pillar Page (service or product) the UVP must be present and be the first thing that users see. What is it and why is it important? UVP represents the foundation of your competitive advantage. This value promise describes what your brand has to offer as a distinctive feature. A good Value Proposition will grab the visitor, make them stay on the page and want to know more. The Unique Value Proposition should not be confused with a tagline or brand signature. The main difference is that they may or may not mention what their brand promises, while UVP must do so. When correctly structured and presented, the Value Proposition will allow immediate delivery of your message to the user.

Examples of Unique Value Propositions

Thus, on any page where it appears, the UVP must always be positioned above the fold , that is, visible as soon as the visitor accesses it, before scrolling. The goal is for it to remain and/or take action on the page in question. How to create a Value Proposition? what-is-unique-value-proposition-00 The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that helps you create your proposal value in a structured way. What must have? There is no universal rule, but the ideal India Mobile Number Data structure of a Value Proposition might include the following basic elements: Title : Your promise in its pure state, through a short and direct headline; Subtitle / Body Copy : A small block of text, with 2 or 3 sentences that develop a little more about what you are promising; Bullets : The main reasons to believe in this promise, something that supports the previous information.

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Adaptation to Page Typology

You can highlight relevant numbers of your business, the main benefits, features or certifications, for example; Image : The chosen image should help reinforce the proposal in order to give more strength to the words. Images or graphic elements that distract attention are to be avoided. 3 tips to give more Power to your Message The effectiveness of ATB Directory the message conveyed through your Value Proposition will depend a lot on the impact it manages to have. There are some tricks that can help intensify that impact and thus make your message stand out. 1. Talk to the user The message must be fully addressed to the reader, both in terms of speech. In terms of their needs. Expressions such as have, achieve or reach are privileged and your value proposition. Must be aligned with the Pain Points of your audience.


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