Emotional Design What It Is and How to Use It in Practice

Emotional Design What It Is and How to Use It in Practice

Emotional design is a fundamental strategy to awaken feelings and emotions in the consumer. Making him like and create a strong connection with a certain brand. Thus buy your product. It is no longer today that researchers say that emotions play. A decisive role in people’s ability to understand the world and this. Also refers to the way they deal with consumption. According to Harvard studies, between 85% and 95% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously, motivated mainly by emotions. If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking to learn more about these emotions and use them to promote your business.

What Are the Levels of Emotional Design

In short, this concept works as a kind of aesthetic applied to products or services and which must be able to change the consumer’s understanding through unconsciously awakened emotions. Although traditional design has been present in the market for a long time, there is still not much talk about how consumer emotions affect the decision to make a purchase. According to Norman, a designer needs to consider several factors when creating a Switzerland Phone Number Data product, such as: material; manufacturing method: commercialization; cost; practicality; ease of use of the product. Also according to the scientist, what many consumers do not realize is that there is a strong emotional. Element in how products are planned and put into use. Thus, the first thing that the professional needs to keep in mind. Is that emotional design is directly related to the user experience.

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How to Use Emotional Design to Benefit Your Business

In his studies, Norman considers that products with better quality, usability and safety are not always the favorites of consumers. In reality, if the design of this product is attractive and arouses good emotions in people, it is very likely that it will be considered as the best purchase option. What are the levels of emotional design? In his book “Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Objects”, Norman explains that for a product to be successful in the market, it must satisfy and achieve the three emotional levels of emotional design . Check ATB Directory out what they are below: Visceral The first and most basic level relates to instinct. It is the first impression that the consumer feels about the first contact with the product. It is at this moment that shape, colors, contours and contrasts become fundamental and will make all the difference.


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