What Is Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality

The current consumer demand level, 5.0, makes investment in digital transformation indispensable. This makes it possible for the experience to be constantly optimized. One of the ways to achieve this is with virtual reality, you know what it is? It is a technology that virtually simulates for the user an environment different from where he is. The idea is that there is an immersion in another reality, which is aided with sound, visual, and in some cases, even tactile effects. That way, you can have a more realistic view of something. Did you feel interested in the subject? It is important to stay on top of the topic, as it is one of the main trends of the moment. So, read on and learn more about what virtual reality is! What is virtual reality? What is virtual reality? As mentioned, virtual reality consists of a digital simulation of a reality different from the one experienced at the moment.

How Does Virtual Reality Work

For example, to remember the past it is possible to look at old videos, images and goals, right? In virtual reality, there is a much more intense immersion in this scenario, different from the current one. This is because a computational system combines the different senses of the user to introduce him to another environment, be it past or future. To understand better, know that the user has a headset and special glasses that cover the ears and eyes. So Russia Phone Number Data architecture firms can simulate the floor plan of a house for the client, sports clubs can take the fans inside a fictitious sports championship, and so on. History of virtual reality Did the idea of ​​virtual reality seem very modern to you? In fact, it has become popular in recent years. However, the first uses of this concept occurred in 1938, from a French author. The person responsible was Antonin Artaud, when he spoke in his book that the natural illusion of the characters worked as a virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality Today

Also, be aware that stereoscopic 3D glasses, common in movie theaters, have been around since 1920. In other words, interest in changing reality, even if in a fictitious way, has existed for a long time. Thus, the evolution around virtual reality concerns the emergence of a specific term and technologies that have built devices to make this new reality more tangible. Virtual reality today Virtual reality today As mentioned, virtual reality has been known for a while. However, the greatest popularization began in 2010, mainly with the development of the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift products. They contribute to the practice of virtual reality and are more aimed at those who enjoy video games. But besides that, there are several other virtual reality features that are ATB Directory popular today. For example, training soldiers in armies, police officers in action, psychologists and psychiatrists in dealing with patients’ phobias, etc. All these possibilities allow the optimization of the professionals’ services and the quality of life of the others involved. How does virtual reality work? How does virtual reality work? As you have seen, virtual reality works by simulating a reality that is different from the actual one.


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