We are all sellers

We are all sellers

A distortion of the word seller The seller is either an incompetent who does not deserve his salary (“my product sells itself because it is good!”), or a manipulative crook who “ would sell radiators in the desert” ( although, at night in the desert, it’s cold…). When discussing the business approach with managers, the first thing they often say is “I’m not a salesperson”. This reaction stems in part from the stereotypes circulating about salespeople, but from the idea that in sales (as with maths) you are good, or you are not. Selling, persuading, influencing, persuading, many of us don’t like the idea of ​​it being part of our job because we think we’re bad at it and can’t improve.

A Question of Technique Above

All In sales as in all areas, you just have to improve and become a better salesperson. It’s really about becoming more persuasive. Yes but how will you tell me? The basis of a good salesperson is listening. So you just have to learn how to listen better to better understand the needs Australia School Email Lists of your prospect. For this, you must learn to make your interlocutor speak. There are techniques in this area such as repeating the last word he utters in an interrogative way, saying “that is to say? or simply ask him questions. It is a question of clearly identifying your issues and your needs and determining whether you are able to respond to them because a good salesperson is above all someone who meets a need well.

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Then You Have to Understand

What drives your interlocutor, the SONCAS method (Security, Pride, Novelty, Comfort, Money, Sympathy) allows you to identify the levers on a prospect or a customer that will determine whether he will buy or not, all the world not having the same sensitivities. Among the techniques on which you ATB Directory can inform yourself, there are all those which allow you to answer objections which are ultimately not very numerous when you want to get an appointment by telephone just like in a physical appointment. In the end, the only real objection is when your product does not respond at all to an offer and in this case, it’s unfortunate but you might as well not sell your product or service.


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