What Is Local Seo and What Are Its Advantages

The increase in searches for local products and services, or “near me”, is the basis for the importance of developing a Local SEO Strategy. When someone searches locally for the solutions your company offers, it’s vital that your brand comes up among the first results. This is the main objective of working on Local SEO. It’s no use offering the best products or services in your neighborhood if no one can find them online. To gain access to all the benefits of Local SEO, it is essential to understand what it consists of and what precautions you should take when implementing a strategy of this type. What is Local SEO? Local SEO can be defined as a set of actions whose. Objective is to present your business in the results of local searches.

Where Are Local Results Displayed on Google

In this case, when we work on seo, we use certain keywords to direct customers to the business. Such as “sushi restaurant”, for example. Already in a local seo strategy. It is necessary to add terms related to the geographic location. Of your restaurant, such as “sushi restaurant lisbon ”. 3 advantages of local seo what-seo-local-consists-and-what-are-its-ebook-advantages-of-google-my-business-where-are-displayed-local-results-on-google. Advantages-of-seo-local improves brand reputation regardless of the size and sector. Of activity of a company, local seo has a positive impact on its reputation. Knowing the exact address, contacts and opinions Philippines Telegram Number Data of other customers about a brand gives a more real perception of it and this builds trust. Attract customers from nearby For most businesses, a Local SEO Strategy is beneficial because it helps bring more customers to the company’s store or physical space.

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Who Should Care About Developing a Local SEO Strategy

Did you know that 46% of searches on Google are about local information? And that local search results result in sales 28% of the time? Source: Hubspot Increases regional authority A good Local SEO Strategy will help your business to appear in the first places of the results, whenever there is a search relevant to your company. Thus, the user will give it greater credibility compared to its competition in that region. Where are local results displayed on Google? A Local SEO Strategy will help your brand or company to be better positioned in the ranking of local ATB Directory results. On Google, these are displayed in 3 possible places. Google’s Local 3-Pack When doing a search on Google that associates a service with a location. 3 results always appear, duly marked on a map: Google’s Local 3-Pack.

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