What Happens on The Race Course, Stays on The Race Course!

When I tell people that I race boats they think I am talking about sailboats or crew (rowing). Therefor, I have been racing powerboat hydroplanes for What Happens years. I grew up around the racing scene because my dad has raced for over 50 years. My dad has been inducted to the organization we race for hall of champions five times. This is something that I have dreamed of doing. Therefor, I had the opportunity at 14 to start racing and I have never looked back since.

What is powerboat racing?

Powerboat racing is a sport. Where racers come from all over the world to compete to be the best in their class. Therefor, There are many kinds of boats Thailand Phone Number List engines, and propellers that go at different speeds. There are many boat builders based in the United States, but a lot of the faster boats are made in Estonia and Italy. Most of the motors are made from Japan. Therefor, All these places come together to compete to see What Happens who has the best equipment.

How the boats run:

There are three different categories of engines for these boats, inboard, outboard, and unlimited. The engines have between two- and eight-cylinder motors. These two ATB Directory stroke motors have speeds upwards of 170mph. 

Therefor, These engines go up to about 120mph. Many outboard racers race more than one class which makes it easier for them to change motors on a race day.  These engines go up to 200mph on water. 

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