What is the best social network for my business

What is the best social network for your business to be present? You may have already asked yourself this question, right? The answer to this  Similarly,  question is simple: you must be where the people you want to talk to are. And not. Similarly,  just that. The best social network for your business to be on is also the one where you exercise the ability to produce relevant content/information in appropriate language. If you sell products or services online, there should be no doubt that you need to be active and connected to improve interactions and the search for solutions. This article is intended to enhance your ideas for actions in these spaces. If you come from more traditional businesses and have little apparent mobility for online service or sales, this is a great opportunity to get inspired. According to the Digital.

Overview of the most used social networks for business

Produced by the website We Are Social, 45% of the world’s population is a user of some  recommendations, advice and much more, every day and about everything. This report also Canada WhatsApp Number Data points out that, last year, the average time users spent online during the day exceeded 6 hours. That means potential customers 6 hours a day at your fingertips. In Brazil, users spend an average of 3h34 online. Such impressive numbers led companies to understand the need for their digital presence, not only selling online, but also sharing philosophies and stories of  Similarly, success and overcoming. This attitude led to gigantic growth in m-commerce – a term to designate all Similarly,  commercial transactions of goods and services carried out via mobile devices. Those who didn’t sell on WhatsApp learned how to sell. Those who did not yet have an.

Choose the best social network for my business

Online store on Instagram opened digital doors for transactions without any contact between people and they multiplied from the perspective Similarly,  of the ease and convenience of online. Social networks have a single purpose: to connect people in a large information-sharing network of all types. Entrepreneurs who find ways to engage their potential consumers, which keep them around, undoubtedly achieve greater success. These are the social networks most used by Brazilian ATB Directory users and their numbers: YouTube . Similarly,  the network has more than 1 billion active. Similarly, users and more than 1 billion hours of videos viewed daily. 95% of internet users in Brazil access the network. Facebook | network that brings together many functionalities in a single space, both for personal interactions and generating. Similarly,  business of all types. It has more than 130 million active Brazilian user. Similarly,  accounts. WhatsApp | protagonist in the circulation of information.

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