Whether or not you decide

Whether or not you decide

Whether or not Content pruning involves regularly reviewing any content that may be out of date to ensure your site provides up-to-date, factually accurate recommendations.  Pages, rirect them to more relevant pages on your site, not index them to keep crawlers away, or Remove it completely and display. Identify competing content especially if your brand or the website you are running is large such as those with large content libraries Internal competition often occurs. Known as content cannibalization, it occurs when multiple pages on a website compete with each other for the same keyword or keywords.

In most cases it is unintentional

Goes unnotic but it can seriously hinder the visibility and success of all competing pages. Content pruning presents the opportunity to spot instances of cannibalization and develop an action plan to resolve it. For example, you might decide to merge two pages into one to improve visibility in hopes of creating a larger, more effective, and more valuable page. The Denmark Mobile Database Process Now that we have a clear idea of ​​what content pruning is and why it has huge benefits and impact on your business let’s look at the details of how to put it into practice.

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Creating your dashboard begins

With pulling a valuable set of data into a spreadsheet to give yourself the best chance of evaluating content and making actionable recommendations. The best way to do this is to complete a crawl of your site using a tool such as all necessary data. Or you can export a list of all indexes from . We recommend pulling a full month of data into your dashboard to ATB Directory ensure you have a complete picture of how your pages are performing. Creating a dashboard that includes all the necessary metrics you plan to analyze can be tious and take some time.



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