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In this case, you can earn an average of €3,500–€7,500 per month. 10. Proofreader A proofreader is a blogger’s and an entrepreneur’s best friend. When you produce a lot of content, you don’t always have time to file the text to the smallest detail (by the way, this text is also proofread only after publication, because my assar has another project going on). A proofreader can help bloggers, entrepreneurs and writers. Typically, proofreaders price their work by the words, but in some situations also by the hour or even as a project. transcribe videos or podcasts, so you get a semi-finished blog post in addition to the podcast. My own e-books have an average of 25,000–30,000 words, or about 50–60 pages of text.

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If the proofreader charges €0.02–0.05 per word, the price of proofreading such an e-book new database will be around €500–1,500 per book. In a month, a good proofreader can read 3–5 books, in which case the billing will be €1,500–€7,500. 11. Member website administrator It may be that you haven’t heard of a membership site administrator before, but it’s a bit of the same style as an online course. The difference is that new material appears on the member site every month. is paid and typically quite affordable.

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A member’s website can be almost any limited topic, such as e.g.: golf Cooking knitting car maintenance renovation So the effort is to give a small amount  ATB Directory of information every month, in which case people pay a small amount every month to get the information for themselves. The membership fee can range from 10 euros to 197 euros per month. The more expensive the membership fee is, the more and higher quality content and resources you should offer each month. It is possible to earn 1,000–19,700 € per month on the membership site when you have 100 members. 

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