While there is no surefire way

While there is no surefire way

While there is After merging the content into one page delete the old page and set up a permanent rirect. This is by no means an exhaustive list but provides a good starting point for refreshing your content. This is all well and good but is there any way to move your content forward so that it doesn’t slump again How to build a moat around your content  to prevent content rot there are things you can do to stop it. We like to think of this as creating a protective moat around your content.

How do you create content

That is hard for others to copy? A page that has a solid foundation and won’t get knock down by your competitors. Original Research and Data One way to prevent content decay is to include original research and data. For example, you can conduct surveys or Estonia Mobile Database leverage internal data that no one else has.This will enhance your content and make it more unique since you are not only including statistics you are also the source of them. Not only that but it can also attract backlinks if you have a strong enough news hook.

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Linkable content like this will fur

Solidify your position in Google because it can improve your rankings if the links are relevant and high quality. New formats What kind of content takes the top positions when you Google your target keywords? Are they mostly blogs and text-bas ATB Directory informational pages? Find ways to provide a unique experience for users. For example, you can make interactive content or include multimia elements such as infographics and videos.



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