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I myself have a network of blogs that I follow Why manage on all aspects of blogging. There’s Email Marketing Hero for email marketing , Backlinko for SEO , and lots more . Whatever your niche, you need to constantly be aware of the latest trends that will give you a competitive advantage. Previously, just bookmarking the blogs I followed worked for me. Google Chrome Bookmarks save There’s only one problem. The more blogs you follow, the harder it is to keep track of their content. As a result, you can be left behind on the hottest topics and trends making waves in your industry.

Use Google Why manage Search

 As a result, you can be left behind on the hottest industry email list  topics and trends making waves in your industry. I also had trouble looking up facts and statistics that I could use to come up with a persuasive point. In fact, you’re better off using Google search than scanning your list of bookmarked blogs. That’s when I discovered the technology of integrated web content feed management. content feed management meme save Sound fancy? This is just a way to use an automated blog tracker to bring together the web’s most valuable content in one place. 

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Use BuzzSumo

Just add keywords related to the phrase “best blogs” and Atb Directory  you’ll have plenty of sites to choose from. For example, if you’re in the crochet niche, just search for “best crochet blogs” and you’re almost done. google best crochet blog save Some other search queries you can use to search for blogs using Google are: Top [niche] blogs of [this year] Popular [niche] blogger [Niche] Blog in [Location] 2. Use BuzzSumo BuzzSumo is an easy content research tool that aggregates popular content using keywords and domains . Just enter a keyword to search for top-notch blogs. The great thing about BuzzSumo is that it lists content based on user engagement, not just search engine rankings. 

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