Whether you’ve been streaming

Whether you’ve been streaming

Now that’s starting to change. Businesses of all types and sizes are seeing the power of live streaming: more views, higher engagement, and most importantly, higher quality engagement.  for years or are completely new to the game, there are a number of ways you can use this great tool to amplify your brand presence. just do it. IMHO, we’re not talking about running a marathon or any other athletic feat in this context. Similar to adding video to your marketing strategy, the beauty of live streaming is that, as long as you take certain factors into account, you can amplify your brand’s reach by doing so.

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earlier this year, users watch live videos twice as long as pre-recorded videos. This is also confirmed from our experience dealing with clients. Mary Kay, one of the largest cosmetics brands in the US, recently hired for video work, both live and pre-recorded. We posted the video and did a live Belize Phone Number List stream on their page, which got likes. When we post a pre-recorded video, it typically gets to views. For video, these results are already pretty good. As you can see, this issue has had views. Mary Kay Video & Live However, when we live-streamed the groundbreaking of their new manufacturing and research facility, they got views.

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skyrocketed for Mary Kay Live Video. It also has great reach: a livestream of the Mary Kay fashion show reached 100000 people, and another video we pre-recorded reached 100000 people. This means that you are all set for success simply by launching a high-quality live stream. Embrace ATB Directory spontaneity and readiness. For businesses, creating a video usually requires a lot of preparation. Depending on the type of video, you may need to prepare a full script, studio, cast, and even lesser-produced videos often require a lot of pre-planning. With live streaming, you can achieve a different balance.


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