How to Generate Leads and Acquire Customers with Digital Marketing

How to Generate Leads and Acquire Customers with Digital Marketing

We could start this article as so many others have started: “The recipe for more leads and customers is a mix of Content Marketing and SEO, with Email Marketing Automation campaigns, Google Ads”, and so on. But we think that this should not be the starting point of our conversation. More important than the list of channels to choose from to generate leads and customers, we want to be able to raise awareness among CEOs, Marketing and Sales Directors, about Digital Marketing for B2B businesses. And we specifically mention B2B because we know that these are the companies that have shown the most resistance to this shift from traditional to digital.

How Can You Generate Qualified Leads

B2B companies, without any e-commerce activity, are increasing their business results through Digital Marketing actions! We then proceed with 3 key ideas that we invite you to retain: Generating qualified leads through Digital Marketing is a growing priority for Marketing managers, who have abandoned traditional channels in favor of highly segmented Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data and 100% measurable channels; Attracting new customers from Digital Marketing strategies is the preferred methodology of new CEOs, who, with less human, temporal and financial effort, obtain more sales from nourished, informed and qualified leads; The path of selling online is similar and simple when compared to the offline one . Customers come from leads, which in turn come from visitors, who were previously unknown to the company.

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Why Should You Invest in a Digital Marketing Strategy

The solution is to attract the right unknown people and move them through your company’s sales funnel. Why should you invest in a Digital Marketing strategy to increase the profitability of your business? Worldwide statistics have shown the same trend year after year: sales by B2B companies will depend more and more on digital media. Today we show you some interesting numbers. 96% of B2B consumers look for (and want to read) content written by ATB Directory opinion leaders; 47% need 3-5 pieces of content before being approached by sales teams. (Source: Demand Gen Report ) Does your company produce and publish educational, non-commercial content online about the impact of your business area on the market? Do you do it often? 88% of consumers research online before making a purchase decision.


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