With storytelling the objective

Let’s say a company sells security systems. A standard and anonymous message could underline the experience gained in the sector and the number of customers acquired over the years of activity. An emotional communication focuses on the company’s commitment to ensuring that people feel safe, healthy and safe and how the company works every day for the safety of every single individual.

And again a company

 That offers financial services, to be more attractive in the eyes of prospects, could strengthen its commitment to protecting and respecting personal gains obtained with many sacrifices. These communication strategies enter the hearts of people and are, in fact, very effective for generating business to B2b Email List the opportunities. Now that we have seen what the pillars of the storytelling discipline are , let’s move on to its usefulness in the b2b field and, in particular, to the use that the different departments can make of it.

Storytelling and marketing

Marketing is one of the business segments most interested in putting this strategy into practice. The first aspect to explore concerns the distribution of storytelling messages in corporate communication. The advice is not to use this approach only for writing content ATB Directory on the company website , but also for all other activities, with particular attention to its declination. As we said, it can be very complex to create a big story and then use it to personalize targeted messages, but it can be done and the results can be quite promising .

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