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Do you sell makeup brushes? Cross-promoting with cosmetic companies or makeup artists may help you get your products in front of more people. a graphic artist might help you get noticed. Position your link. Links in bio are a popular way to direct users to a website or product page of your choice. Make a post related to your product or service, using the link in your bio to send it to a page tailored to what you’re sharing. This has a great impact on a simple link to your main website or store. Post great content often. is a primarily image-based site, which means the photos, videos, and graphics you post should look good.

You don’t have to be the Ansel

Adams of the internet, but everything you post should at least be clean and clear. Just like , you should keep your account updated and active. Interest Monthly active users: 100 million. Demographics: In terms of sex, women have a surprising advantage over men. The data shows that of women Netherlands Phone Number List online have accounts compared to only men. Usage among adults aged 20 is fairly even, with the 19-year-old population only a few percentage points higher than the older population. The advantage lies with the board. Even casual users of the site have at least one floating section.

Create a board that updates

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your product or blog post so your audience can follow it, and put frequent updates from your company in their feed when they visit. Data shows that drives recommendations more ATB Directory than . Make images on your site suitable for . We see these all the time, especially on cookbook and craft blogs: images made specifically for stationary. By creating high-quality images or image collages that convey a specific message, you can give your customers something they can easily share.

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