How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Brand’s Results

How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Brand’s Results

Many people have the mistaken idea that e-mail is an outdated communication tool. There are those who think that electronic mail no longer works, because nobody opens it anymore and nobody reads it anymore. Big mistake! According to an international survey released by the Statista Research Department , by 2025 the forecast is that the number of users with at least one email account will reach 4.6 billion. A huge number and an opportunity that cannot be missed. If it is fundamental to think about the production of strategic content with blogs, social networks and other innovative formats such as the podcast , it is also necessary to look carefully at email marketing, which appears to be one of the most interesting strategies to work on in the digital marketing of your company.

Strong and Predictable Reach

After all, it is a direct and close communication channel with your audience, enabling lead nurturing and sales generation without the need for large investments. But after all, what is email marketing, how does it work, what are its advantages and how does this strategy differ from the newsletter? In this article, we have brought all the answers to these and other questions for you to delve into the topic. Check out! And what is email marketing? And what is email Korea Phone Number Data marketing? The definition of email marketing is simple: it is a digital marketing strategy. Focused on sending emails to a list of contacts. Seeking close communication with each recipient, always with the intention of trying to persuade them to fulfill certain objectives. It is the click on a link that redirects you to a direct purchase site for a product or service.

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Proximity to Your Target Audience

Normally, sending this communication is done optimally, using some automation tools for that. If initially, e-mail was seen as a letter sent digitally, over time the marketing world. Saw an opportunity to promote products and services, publish offers and get closer to the target audience. Email marketing is proof that good content can go far beyond social networks , blogs and websites. And it is essential to have a detailed and effective strategic planning. So as not to bother users with unwanted, insistent and permissionless messages. Why invest in email ATB Directory marketing? Why invest in email marketing? Did you know that email marketing is the third most used tool by companies in digital marketing? It is second only to the use of websites and the use of social networks.


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