Social Selling Guide How to apply Social Selling to your Sales Strategy

Social Selling Guide How to apply Social Selling to your Sales Strategy

To keep up with consumers’ buying journey, it has become essential to know how to integrate Social Selling into Sales Strategies. For any brand representative, being present and responding to the needs that prospects manifest throughout their buying process can make all the difference. If a consumer already trusts your information and tips, when they reach the stage where they are ready to make a decision, the probability of opting for your product or service increases considerably. As we have already seen in this article, Social Selling has nothing to do with selling through Social Networks. It should be seen as a specialized follow-up, a relationship that is born in Social Networks but that quickly transitions to the real world. This is a strategy that, when well applied, can bring surprising results in terms of sales.

Interact with Your Network

Digitalization of the Purchasing Process More and more information collected on the internet influences purchasing decisions, even when the consumer has no prior knowledge on the subject. Did you know that the Portuguese spend, on average, more than 2 hours a day on Social Media? We are the 5th country in the European Union that most uses these Indonesia Telegram Number Data platforms. Source: Diário de Notícias social selling If your target audience uses digital platforms to obtain information, it is imperative that your brand is present and uses the potential of these communication channels. It is indisputable that the buying process has changed in recent years. Consumers now have more access to information and are actively researching all their needs. This leads to them relying less on sellers in the B2B and B2C buying process.

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Position Salespeople as Experts and Thought Leaders

Generally, when someone decides to interact with a salesperson, they do so at a very advanced stage of the purchase journey. Social Selling emerges as a way to position sellers again at the beginning of this process and ensure that they regain influence in the sales process. However, this Sales Strategy must be genuinely applied, focusing on the ATB Directory customers’ problems and challenges. 3 Trends of the New Digital Age of Consumption social-selling-guide-5-how-to-apply-social-selling-in-your-sales-strategy-3-trends-of-the-new-digital-consumption-age 1. Power to the consumer With access to so much information, offers and opinions today’s consumer feels powerful. This one likes to feel that he has freedom to choose and decide. Brands must accompany this will by providing content and tools that facilitate the decision-making process.


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