Your website is NOT index This is one of the two

Scenarios we describ above: your website does not have any pages index on Google or; site pages appear to be missing from the Google directory If your channel doesn’t have any of these problems, you can skip the next 3 topics and understand why just being index isn’t enough, Otherwise, let’s talk a little more about the reasons that may be preventing your site from being index, Quite simply, the 3 most common scenarios that remove your company’s channel from the Google directory are the following: Your website is new; Your website is block; Your website has been punish by Google, Let’s talk a little about each of the 3 scenarios.

Google robot is quite competent at finding

Your website (and domain) are new 1, Your website (and domain) are new As we said at the beginning of the text, the Google robot is quite competent at finding, cataloging and distributing information, This means that if you creat your new website in a relatively professional way, with good content and new database   reasonable performance ( good spe , good operation on cell phones), it will be index, It’s just a matter of waiting a few weeks at most, This scenario is even more common if not only your website is new, but also its address.

Your website is block Although we emphasize

Yes, you may find ways to “spe up” indexing, but it’s more worth it to ensure that your site and its content are good, Once this is done, you can rest assur that your website will appear in the search in no time, 2, Your website is block 2, Your website is block Although we emphasize Google’s ability to structure information, the search engine naturally wants those responsible for the websites  ATB Directory to help the robot understand more about the content, To make this happen, there are some practices that developers can adopt to tell Google which parts of the site should or should not appear in the search.

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