Consumer goods manufacturers use

Consumer goods manufacturers use

Ad ambassadors for the company.  marketing. In our current interview. we ask crowdsourc marketing expert and founder Dennis Shenkel ( ) for his professional opinion on the subject. Dear Sir. The term crowd marketing is appearing more and more frequently in the mia. Can you briefly explain to us what the term crowd marketing means and how to do it. Behind the term crowd marketing is basically a strategy of using crowd-bas methods and strategies to achieve marketing goals. For example. as a company. you can use crowdfunding campaigns to bring your product to market in a very effective way.

The basic concept is call crowd

Through crowd innovation. you can involve. turning Belgium Mobile Database customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Or you use crowdsourcing to outsource individual marketing tasks to groups. Through crowd marketing. you attract customers at certain times in order to make them raving fans of your company and products. The more the customer sees himself as part of the company. the more he can communicate his affiliation to the outside world. What do you think businesses should do with crowd marketing. Crowd marketing is especially useful for retaining customers and increasing customer loyalty. But customers can also use it in a target manner to develop new products and discover new innovations. Studies have even shown that attracting crowds can lead to higher sales and even higher product profits.

Customers in product development

Therefore  it is expect that by the year there ATB Directory will be more than  crowdfunding marketing. What are the benefits of crowdfunding for businesses. Crowdfunding enables companies to create a closer connection with their customers. It takes communication far beyond traditional channels like social mia. Experts believe that the future of customer behavior will change significantly. We’re talking hypotheticals here. Therefore. customers who are willing to participate in the product development process at an early stage are also more.


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