Note that this doesn’t mean reinventing

Note that this doesn’t mean reinventing

We protect our time and get bored with superfluous things.  the wheel. What you have to say may have been said before, but it may not have been said in the way you are saying it now. Use your unique perspective to showcase and highlight aspects of the stories or news you share that may be deliberately downplayed or simply underdeveloped. Ask questions and explore with your readers. It can certainly inspire confidence when someone has all the answers, but it can also be refreshing to be around someone who thinks out loud. Great writing invites us into a process.

We feel like we can’t help

but engage, think, and follow. Use images. Compare these two sentences: The bakery of Broadman & Sons has introduced a new type of cake. After years of toil with flour and sugar, Broadman & Sons have created a new chocolate cake that tastes like heaven. Although Jordan Phone Number List the message is similar, the two sentences are actually vastly different. By using rich images, the second sentence makes the reader salivate. It also enriches the imagination. Readers feel engaged. Who are these people? What did they do? What does heaven taste like? Can I stop by the bakery on my way home from get off work? Use details.

Our lives are complex

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colorful and idiosyncratic. The more you can incorporate this color and specificity into the story you tell through your blog posts, the more it will shine. Even in the most technical writing, there is room for detail. For example, if you’re talking about a new machine, readers might ATB Directory not be excited about its formal specifications or mechanical features, but even adding a few sentences about the people and processes that enabled that new machine would generate interest. Did it take years? Is there any Eureka! moment? What hurdles will the team have to overcome to get the big reveal? Pair text with visuals.


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