However as with most things

However as with most things

However as with  In the web, implementing measures to improve page load spe takes time. Some suggestions can be act upon and have an immiate impact while others may require more digging. Below are the most common suggestions for page load spe: optimize images enable compression enable browser cache minify and implement if applicable ruce requests ruce server response time optimize images optimizing images is usually the main advice you see for improving page load spe is it correct of. Other elements such as images and videos play a major role in the weight of the page.

So it’s worth considering

Which images bring the most value and which don’t before looking at what actions can be taken with the images. We know it’s not always possible to completely remove images from a website so it’s important to work on optimizing the images you have. There France Mobile Database are three things you should consider to optimize your images. Size. Resizing images correctly can often undo a lot of the weight an image puts on you. Why use the standard large image download when the small image will do what you ne.

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You’ll actually want the image size

To match how it will appear on the actual page. You can do this manually or if you are using eg there will be plugins to help you out eg. Format The next thing you ne to consider is format. Modern formats can make your images smaller compar to heavier formats. Don’t worry about images without sacrificing quality. In fact they are usually of higher ATB Directory quality and support both lossy and lossless compression. Lazy Loading Lazy loading of images can spe up page rendering.



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