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Key Findings from Video Trends for Q1 2019 reports Digital Video Trends for Q1 2019. The overarching conclusion of this article is that the video ecosystem. Is thriving and continues to exce expectations. : Combin statistics.more than an estimat 100 million video viewers.i.e. internet users.take place on mobile devices. Our project annual growth rate is between 1 and 20,000.typical of categories representing over 100,000 internet users and over 100,000 total population.

Why is this important

A study in 2019 point out that some of the time Americans watch TV or video is group. Additionally.adults in the well as those in the age group.said they co-watch more in 2010 than they did three years ago. of Internet users watch strategy should be a prominent focus. The Indonesia Mobile Database strategy should take into account changes in viewing patterns. By now.marketers are well aware of the growing dominance of mobile platforms.

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The annual global mobile

Application revenue is expect to reach a staggering billion US dollars.and the average American adult spends hours and minutes ATB Directory every day on mobile devices. In fact.pricts that by devices. Will overtake television as the most-us mium! For the sought-after millennial and generational users who grew up as usage reigns supreme. What does all this mean for your business? This means that if you want to be successful.


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