Potential income for a career in marketing

Marketing can be a very financially rewarding field when approached properly. The salaries and income of these professionals vary primarily according to the position and the country in which they practice their career. In Mexico, for example, the population of graduates from careers associated with marketing has an average salary of almost MXN 13 thousand per month , while the average income in the country is less than MXN 7 thousand.

A field in constant growth

Many marketing careers have started or expanded into the Top People Data digital field sooner rather than later. This is because Digital Marketing has become one of the most important and efficient ways to develop the success of a company .There is no doubt that most companies have transformed their activities in the digital environment, thanks to practices such as storing data in the cloud or selling online. As a result, focusing on Digital Marketing is critical to success in a marketing career . This fact is particularly relevant during these days of social isolation due to Covid-19 .

Career options within the world of marketing

Content producer: write, edit and publish ATB Directory articles and content that attract the reader’s attention and facilitate their participation. Marketing Managers: Take control of a company’s overall approach to marketing to ensure it successfully executes all of its functions. Data Scientist: Those who love analyzing numbers and examining marketing statistics may love this field and its unique roles. 

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