Why I probably get more done than the average person

Reviewing the titles and readings that WordPress shows you when you are on the “Posts” page, I have realized two things. Posts that contain atypical advice that are really worth reading are read less. The few posts on productivity have readings well above the average of the rest. It’s curious. I can explain the first point, the second not so much. I no longer put as much effort into a good title as I did in the early years. 

Choose projects that excite you

Choose projects that excite you I do a lot of things and possibly more than average but I have a trick. I usually do projects that excite me. If you do things with enthusiasm, they usually cost you less effort. It’s as simple as this. Everything comes with two faces. My enthusiasm sometimes becomes an obsession. When a day ends I can be completely mentally exhausted.

Ability to unite pain and happiness

Ability to unite pain and happiness Not everything is projects that fill me with enthusiasm. There are also projects that simply require you to forget about nonsense and get to work. Here I also like to think that I don’t do things so badly because of a simple ATB Directory belief that I have. Pain and happiness go hand in hand. The harder the day was, the happier I ended up. It is the satisfaction of knowing that you have done a job despite not having much desire to do it.

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