Dominique Strzoda looks at online marketing

Value can only be attribut to the owner of the trademark rights.  lecture by the professor. doctor. michael Berneck begins. The theme of this year’s new marketing strategy for enterprise development has been put on the agenda. Everything seems to be business as usual. but appearances can be deceiving. because this year everything is really different. Business Development Lectures Weeks or months ago. all employees were busy preparing for the annual Cologne Marketing Day. on this day Left and right. so that.

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The guests feel particularly excit. Now the time Colombia Mobile Database has come.  three slots speakers. Guests are delight! Everyone can organize their day individually and attend the lectures they find most interesting. The topics of this year’s lecture series are online marketing. business development and brand management. The first room will be occupi by (Marketing Executive. (ä Partner and (Project Manager of the German Marketing Institute. Markus Stabel walks participants through the history of the Hischler brand and talks openly about what has brought the brand to its current success. Lists a number of ways participants can better protect themselves from online legal warnings. Since he already felt one of them falling upon him. he lighten the.

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Atmosphere by telling some anecdotes from ATB Directory everyday life. from a different perspective and gives participants some thoughts on how to improve their online presence. He reveal numerous tips and tricks. and with a slight wink. took Google Glass from the participants. Dominique Strzoda deliver a lecture titl Integrating Online Marketing In the main conference room. online marketing expert Felix Berhaz inspir the audience with countless tips and tricks from the social. local. mobile domains. Koelnmesse’s Head of Marketing Communications talks about social mia and content marketing topics. The professor.

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