The Passion of the Entrepreneur a Challenge for His Private Life

The Passion of the Entrepreneur a Challenge for His Private Life

Entrepreneurship: a passion Let it be said. If it is so difficult to separate the two when you are an entrepreneur. It is first of all because entrepreneurship remains a passion and a life project. We put all our energy into it. This passion is similar to that which we can have in other fields. To separate the two, it would therefore. Already be necessary to want to, which is not necessarily the wish of the project leader who devotes. Hours to it far exceeding the framework of usual working hours and who considers it as his priority. The work is then carried out from Monday to Sunday and encroaches. On the holidays in the first years which often turn out to be non-existent. The work thus continues even within the family framework and can begin at dawn, finish late in the evening and sometimes impose itself at mealtimes.

The Unification of Communication Tools

The spouse’s understanding is essential to allow the project to come to life or go the distance. Work at home and home at work In addition, it must be noted that the work is often done at home in the early stages, particularly at the stage of creating the business plan. This lasts at least until the creation of the legal structure and the first rental of premises sometimes only occurs years later. The separation is therefore all the more complex to achieve, as Compliance Directors Email Lists all those who had to work from home during the confinement period will have noticed . If work duties encroach on time at home, the reverse is also generally true. It is not uncommon to carry out personal tasks throughout the day.

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A Social Confusion

Overall, it is the whole organization of tasks that merges. The unification of communication tools The absence of separation often goes further than in wage-earning. Communication tools such as the mobile phone often become professional in order to reduce the acquisition costs on the one hand and not to multiply the sources of information. Most entrepreneurs make sure to send all emails to a single box to make sure they don’t miss anything. It is therefore no longer uncommon to have personal and professional calls that intertwine just. As much as emails on the same terminals. A social confusion Above all, the distinction is all the more difficult as ATB Directory your social status is modified since you pass from your former function of employee to that of business manager.


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