Press Relations Are You Ready

Press Relations Are You Ready

Expected rapid benefits We often meet entrepreneurs who wish to start a Press Relations campaign on the occasion of a specific event (product launch, signing of a contract, organization of a seminar, etc.) with the certainty of numerous spin-offs, capable of ensure the success of their approach. Unfortunately, the “Buzz” effect is not always, or even rarely, there and disappointment can be cruel. Many of these disappointments could be avoided by planning several successive announcements. The repetitiveness of press relations , which is all the more important in innovative sectors, is essential: beyond the presentation of a new product or service, repetitiveness works “educationally” with journalists by positioning, explaining and differentiating your solution of other solutions on the market. The sesames of Press Relations There are three keys to Press Relations: timing, content, recurrence.

On What Themes

In other words, starting a press relations campaign comes down to answering the following questions: When will I communicate? On what themes? How often ? When will I communicate? The availability of its flagship product / offer often seems like the right time. In fact, it is important to take into account the high times of your market to avoid launching an announcement on the same day as an Apple conference, for example. On what themes? The product Controlling Directors Email Lists is the first theme that comes to mind. But this is not the only theme available to you. Here are some ideas: institutional announcement, fundraising, recruitment, event, customer testimonials, partners, new signatures, creation of a study, reaction to a market announcement, etc. There are a large number of topics that can be covered. How often ? The average frequency that I recommend is one announcement every 4 to 6 weeks. This frequency makes it possible to regularly address the journalists of the target with different axes or angles.

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The Sesames of Press Relations

Regular contact with journalists allows them to gain understanding of your offer and knowledge of your market. The diversity of announcements facilitates integration into the background files on which they are working. These elements, as well as the Buzz effect, will be developed in later posts. To help the entrepreneurs I meet answer these three questions, I ask them to list 4-6 announcements they could make in the next 6 months. What is the “roadmap” for? It allows you to prepare flagship announcements by keeping a close eye on your competitors’ ATB Directory announcements and any changes that the market may experience (new legislation, merger/purchase of competitors, etc.) To leave “space” to insert a unforeseen announcement that occurs over the period (reacting to a change in the market, to a declaration by another player in your sector, signature of a new contract, validation of a patent, etc.). Get ready to practice.


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