Why Shouldn’t We Mix Professional and Personal Life

Why Shouldn’t We Mix Professional and Personal Life

A difficult reconciliation for business leaders According to the Observatory of the life of the business leader, a survey carried out by OpinionWay for Grant Thornton, with a panel of 300 business leaders (CEOs, DGs, CFOs, etc.) with at least 50 employees whose turnover is business is greater than or equal to 50 million euros: “A third of managers struggle to combine personal and professional life”. According to Agnès de Ribet, Marketing and Communications Director of Grant Thornton at the time:“nearly a third of them have difficulty reconciling the two facets of their lives. In this context, age appears to be a particularly interesting element. Those under 35 without children and managers aged 45 to 54 are the most comfortable in their life balance. Conversely, those aged under 35 with children have much more difficulty, especially in smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees.

A Timetable to Respect

Leaders and managers too involved? Leaders are often so involved in their professional life that they end up abandoning family life for work. However, there is a limit to be imposed in order to avoid excesses. Managers are forced into various commitments and pressures within the company. They are often faced with a dilemma. Conscious of their IT Directors Managers Email Lists obligations, they reconcile their professional and personal life. But these are two totally different universes, hence the need to separate them. If for oneself, launched in the passion or the obligation one can continue the tasks, the spouse or the children can live it like a non-respect. A timetable to respect In order not to mix up your professional and personal life , it is useful to clearly identify your motivations. Set professional goals and try to manage your schedule as well as possible.

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Good to Make the Most of Your Free Time

When something happens at home, most people can’t manage their emotions even in the office. This is a counter-productive attitude. Private issues are inevitable, as are professional issues. Even if not thinking about the problems that arise is difficult, you must make efforts so that it does not affect your work and your behavior. Have a professional conscience and keep your personal worries out of your office as much as possible and vice versa. Good to make the most of your free time! There’s a time for everything, even if you have tons of work to do, don’t overdo it. Instead of considering ATB Directory taking a lot of files home, consider recharging your batteries. If you think a file can wait, leave it aside.


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